What This Rescue Pup Does For A Kitten In Need Is Unbelievably Precious


The Sacramento SPCA is a really special place. Not only do the rescued animals receive love and attention from the staff but they also show compassion and love for each other.

Jemmie, a cross Shih Tzu-Lhasa Apso pup is the mother hen of all the kittens in the facility. She has her paws full fostering and nurturing a litter of kittens who were orphaned.

Then two new kittens, five-week old brothers weighing only one pound each were brought into the center. Unfortunately, one kitten named Little Mister, has ulcers in both eyes caused by the herpes virus.

Along with medicated eye drops, she is also being injected with a special serum made from Jemmie’s donated blood. Her plasma has proteins that speed up the eye-healing process.
The kitten needs this serum every two hours so Jemmie is the perfect size to donate the blood that is needed. Although she is not a large dog, her heart is big enough to help anyone who needs it. She was herself adopted in 2011 by one of the staff at the SSPCA and has been in attendance ever since.

The Sacramento SPCA has been using this procedure for years with great success. They are optimistic that this time they will be equally as successful although it is doubtful if both eyes can be saved. Certainly, one of them will be.

Unfortunately, Jemmie can only do so much and as she is already fostering a litter of kittens, she cannot foster these two as well. But that doesn’t stop her from visiting regularly to ensure they are doing all right and donating her blood to treat the little orphan is more than anyone can ask.

Many veterinary practices are establishing facilities to store donated blood. They need the blood just as urgently as do people and of course dog blood and platelets are far better for blood transfusions than human or synthetic blood products.

Dogs’ blood is rich in antibodies and is used to treat infections in other animals. Donor blood typing and screening is done and the blood is drawn very quickly. The donor animal is usually sedated though, to keep them still while the blood is being drawn. Afterwards, they will be sure of getting treats.
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It is so lovely to watch as Jemmie treats each kitten as her own. She cleans them and plays with them and they climb all over her just as any baby would with their mother. Her patience and love are a lesson for all of us.

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