The 2 Rescue Dogs Sat In The Corner Like This. The Reason? Unbelievable.


Dogs can be easily traumatized and need constant care or they will grow to be dangerous or afraid. When dogs are scared they can be skittish for the rest of their life. After escaping and spending 61 days out in the wild with no one to care for them it’s no wonder these dogs wont spread apart. These dogs are looking towards one another to provide each other comfort. It is a very beautiful thing to see them doing this because it shows how much dogs have feelings and people should take that more into consideration.
These two border collies are an example on how when dogs get close they rely on each other. These dogs were most likely very scared in the wild and didn’t know what to do. It is very heartwarming to see them providing each other with comfort after going through such a scary incident. Dogs are very fragile and should be greatly loved so they feel comforted and won’t be scared.

Although it is very heartwarming to see this shouldn’t happen. Dogs should not be scared and feel constant anxiety. These dogs will need constant rehabilitation to go back to normal and not be as scared as they are right now. The humane society says that they will provide the dogs with as much therapy as they need until they see them go to normal and playful.

No one knows what these two dogs endured in the wild but it must’ve been very scary for them both. The wild is a very scary place, it is not the place for two dogs to get into when they have been treated better than they would in the wild. These two dogs are very brave and it’s a blessing that they both came alive.
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Although the two dogs are very traumatized its very good to see that they can provide comfort to one another. The dogs will eventually be back to normal but it will take a lot of time. Overall this video gives the message of how close dogs come to be with each other and that they need comfort when they go through tough times.

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