Remember Koko The Gorilla And Her Kittens? Now Watch How Big They Are!


Koko the gorilla became an international sensation many years ago and one of the reasons for this was the incredible bond that she had built with her little kittens. She became very popular as a result of her kind and sweet demeanor, which proved that gorillas were capable of being loving creatures, despite their outward appearance.

She blossomed as a result of being given this responsibility and the kitten also helped her to become less lonely, since Koko was forced to live in a world without a wide range of other animals to play with each day.
The kittens provided her with a meaningful connection, but from the looks of it, her kittens are all grown up now. Kittens no more, they are now full-fledged adult cats and they are appreciative of everything that Koko has done for them.

Their names are Ms. Gray and Ms. Black and they have been able to transcend the usual boundaries to develop an amazing connection with Koko the gorilla, a bond that has been able to pass the test of time with flying colors.

Whenever these adorable cats are ready for nap time, Koko is always there to cuddle up with them. The mark of a good mother is being able to care for your children at all times and by this standard, Koko is not just a good mother, she is a great one.

Her relationship with the cats has been through many changes over the years, but one thing remains constant: the love that this unconventional family has for one another. When we are struggling to see things through, it is our family that rallies around us and gives us strength. It is no different for Koko, Ms. Gray and Ms. Black.

Would you like to see more of Koko’s adorable connection with these two cats? Then be sure to take a closer look at this amazing video!

Animals are capable of forging bonds with each other, regardless of species. As humans, we could stand to learn something from Koko the gorilla and her cats. They did not allow their differences to stand between them and they remain very thankful for each other’s companionship.
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