The Reason This Kitty Was Abandoned? Wait Till You See Her Front Legs…


Animals can often serve as an inspiration to us humans, whether they realize it or not. When humans are born with defects that give them a different appearance from their seemingly normal counterparts, it can be hard for them to fit into a society that prizes normality at all costs. But the cat in this clip provides us with a shining example of what can happen when we put those differences to the side and embrace each other for what is on the inside.
Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux was born without having either of her front legs and to make matters worse, her tail is not fully formed either, leaving her with just a little bob back there. However, she does not allow her condition to dampen her spirit in the slightest. She is as happy and as playful as can be and her adorable smile brightens the day of every single person that she meets.

She got her name, because she compensates for her lack of front legs by hopping around the house like a bunny rabbit. She is a classic example of the importance of taking the lemons that life provides you and making lemonade out of them. She is not bitter, angry or mean and her demeanor suggests that she is a very appreciate creature. Not every animal in her shoes (so to speak, of course) is lucky enough to find a home to call their own.

Little Miss Roux has even become a social media superstar of sorts, amassing followers on Instagram at a rate that would make some of the hottest celebrities jealous. Roux’s mother rescued her from a shelter and claims that it was love at first sight the first time she laid eyes on the cat.

Just look at that adorable face. How could you not fall head over heels in love with this feline? According to the vets who have examined her, Roux is not in any sort of pain as a result of her lifestyle and can still get around just fine. As long as she has her loving mother by her side, there is nothing that she can’t handle.
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This cat is definitely not feeling sorry for herself and we’ll keep her in mind the next time we let our champagne problems get us down. If you loved this story as much we did, then don’t be stingy about sharing it with the people who you love most.

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