Dog Realizes His Soldier Dad Is Back Home, His Reaction? EPIC!


You have to share this somewhat strange and very heartwarming video with all of your dog and animal loving friends. Harley appears to be a youngish German shepherd. The dog is not too young to have forgotten his owner who is a staff sergeant. The dog literally goes off and gets off when he sees his owner has come home from foreign shores.

Not even the most intuitive and discerning animal scientists have quite figured out how dogs remember their humans. Some people have gone missing for years and their dog still knows them when they suddenly reappear. The behavior is similar to your dog coming to the door that you come home through and waiting for you at the normal time that you come home. They know what time you are coming home.

Harley’s reaction is over the top to say the least. The people filming the soldier’s return home had no idea that the dog would go off in such a spectacular way. The people come in and call the dog and the show kind of sneaks up on you.

At first the man is as thrilled as the dog at the tremendously warm reception that he gets from his dog. The soldier seems a bit taken aback after a few minutes of extremely frantic pouncing and kissing. The man just has no idea what to do to calm the dog down.

The man is just tickled pink at the reception he gets from his dog and at the same time a little frustrated at not being able to get away from the dog to be with his human family. The dog has dibs on his owner and is not allowing anything to disturb his reunion with the soldier. The look on the man’s face is touching and funny at the same time.

Absolute and unconditional love is one of the most frequently cited reasons that people own dogs. Harley certainly knows how to show his owner that he not only remembers him but has obviously missed his owner a lot. The dog is so frantic that you just have to laugh.
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Every soldier that returns from war deserves this kind of greeting. The dog says it better than any decoration or promotion ever could. This welcome home is one that the staff sergeant is unlikely to ever forget. Share this charming and funny video with all the people in the military that you know and make their day.

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