A Rat Is Following The Cat Around. You’ll Want To See The Cat’s Reaction… Whoa!


What! Cat and rat… friends? Then humans have got a long way to go.

Since ages, cats and rats have a strong reputation as being irreconcilable enemies. Everyone knows, even those in the animal kingdom are aware that cats and rats do not see eye to eye. If you do not understand what we are saying then go watch the “Tom and Jerry” series.

Surprisingly, in this video, that is not the case. Who would ever think that felines and rodents can get along to the extent of casting aside their differences and decide to come together, embrace one another and live as favored companions?
This myth never came true until humans started learning how to domesticate rats alongside with cats. Recent discoveries have revealed that when rats are domesticated, they become friendly and socialized if handled well. To this end, they learn to get along so well with other pets that are not of their kind as long as those pets remain nice to them.

Rats generally are known to be mischief makers while their feline counterparts can be very aggressive. But recent findings have shown that rats will not do anything other than exhibit their natural instinct of curiosity to learn about things by smelling, climbing and running around provided cats will be nice to them.

Years back (before now) cat and rat story has been used to create several adages and terminologies such as …living as cat and rat, can a rat live with a cat? when the cat is away, the mouse play etc. Today all these sayings have been proven to be wrong because the cat and the rat have decided to get along.

It has been revealed that before a rat can get along with a cat, the rat has to grow to get used to the cat’s smell while the cat on its part has to learn to tolerate the rat. Once this is done, the cat is sure to bond with the rat.

How ironical, to see to living creature getting along after long years of generational vendetta to the extent that a rat can safely sleep in the bosom of a cat without getting hurt. Where is that feline instinct to kill? Now that many people have learned to socialize their pet rats with their cats, another method of eradicating mischievous mice should be employed.

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