Quadruple Amputee Dog Walks Again, Thanks To Prosthetic Paws


While we have all seen dogs that did not possess each of their original limbs before, the dog in this story has a unique tale to tell. This is probably the first dog to have experienced a quadruple amputation that we have ever seen and this dog’s indomitable spirit is certainly an inspiration to us all.

This big Rottweiler is appropriately named Brutus and Brutus lost all four of his paws as a young pup. The first place he called home was very neglectful towards him and unfortunately, they left him outside in the cold. They left him there for so long, his paws developed severe frostbite.

As if that were not bad enough, Brutus’ owners refused to even take him to the vet, so that he could receive the proper care for his ailment. Would you believe that these monsters cruelly cut off all four of Brutus’ paws, in their own harebrained attempt at an amateur operation?


After all of the paws were cut off, Brutus was left without the ability to walk. Luckily, the poor pup was rescued from this home and given the chance to seek shelter elsewhere. A new foster home was found for him in Colorado.

The animal’s legs had been butchered beyond recognition and stood very little chance of supporting him. The family, not wanting to see Brutus continue to suffer, started a fundraiser. Their goal: to provide him with the prosthesis he needed, so that he could play like all of the other dogs.


An Internet miracle would soon take place, as a brand new company named OrthoPets would take notice of the plight of Brutus. They generously offered to construct four brand new paws for him. Thanks to their kind gesture, Brutus is now able to enjoy the life that he has always deserved.

They also specialized Brutus’ new paws, so that he can run and play on them, with the least amount of stress possible. While he is definitely a little shaky on them now, all it will take is just a bit of practice for him to master his new legs and make the absolute most of them.


In a world that is sadly bereft of happy endings, it is great to see a dog like Brutus escape the brutality he was forced to suffer through and receive a second chance. This beautiful story needs to be seen by all, so don’t hesitate to share away!


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