Puppy Punished In Most Horrific Way Ever … For Chewing On Owner’s Phone


How could this baby dog know its faults and understand its wrongdoing with this kind of barbaric act of animal maltreatment. Come to think of it, what kind of a crime will a puppy ever commit that will warrant it to be dipped into hot boiling water and flung to the ground floor from a fourth-floor balcony.

If not for the compassion of a passerby – a Good Samaritan woman – who saw the agony and pain the poor little thing was passing through on the concrete below, his story would have been written in past tense with a tragic ending.

Warning: Graphic image below



Going by a new name Tuffy, whose life was saved by Yan Yingying, a 30-year-old woman who wasted no time in rushing him to an animal doctor. Today, Tuffy is able to find a new life of hope and love after pulling through miraculously.


Mrs. Yan Yingying would certainly not be the first person to see Tuffy in that condition, many others must have seen him, but they could not dare to lay hands on him because of the horrific sight.


Upon picking up Tuffy, she had to drive for a distance of an hour to get to Animals Asia, an animal rescue group located outside of Chengdu. This journey wasn’t easy for the poor little creature as it agonized in deep pain all the way.


Tuffy was forced to sleep with his eyes open since his eyelids were badly burnt with blisters covering almost every part of his body.


In less than no time, a team of specialist were contacted who had to fly in with a surgeon all the way from Hong Kong to attend to the needs of the dying dog. On arrival grafted skin obtained from Tuffy’s scrotum (which was one of the few areas that was not affected by burns) was used to repair the puppy’s broken body.


Now that his skin has been repaired it was now left for Team Tuffy to find out ways to revive the puppy’s spirit. Little by little care and assistance were administered through and donations were given all for the sake of seeing Tuffy Live and regain his puppyhood.


It was not surprising, however, to see Tuffy regain strength and vitality as there was ultimate passion in him to live. At the end, Tuffy found a new home at Yan Yingying’s place has now become his owner for life.

If you would like to help Animals Asia in its ongoing efforts to make the world a better place for animals, visit its website.

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