Puppy Loses His Leg But Never His Hope. The End Had Me In Tears


A recent YouTube video produced by Hope for Paws, a non-profit organization that rescues animals, tells the story of Jordan, a puppy rescued by workers of the Los Angeles-based organization after being brutalized and ruthlessly thrown 30 feet into a canal. An eyewitness reported the incident to the organization who then quickly answered the call. According to the Hope For Paws website, the organization has made it its mission to rescue dogs and other vulnerable animals who are suffering needlessly in shelters and on the street. The rescued animals are then fostered in the organization’s home until a permanent loving home is found.
Pets Represent What is Good in Society

A Miracle Rescue

Therefore, the rescue of the aforementioned puppy will no doubt encourage you to learn more about the Hope for Paws organization. After the puppy was rescued and while he was on the way to the hospital a rescuer named the canine Jordan.

Upon arrival, the vet exclaimed that it was a miracle that the dog had survived. Indeed, little Jordan is a miracle as his back leg had been severed from the assault and he was suffering from mange, bacterial infections and malnutrition.
Receiving Foster Care: Jordan Moves into a New Home

On day three at the hospital, the pup was scrubbed and on day four he underwent surgery. Shortly afterwards, Jordan was sent to live with his new foster parent, Lisa Chiarelli as well his canine foster sisters Lola and Frankie. Today, Jordan is a happy and lively dog who enjoys playing and running outside, even though his back leg is missing. He can run as fast as any other dog of his age and size.

Dogs like Jordan can be adopted through the Hope for Paws rescue facility. You can also donate money to the organization. No dog should suffer from any form of abuse. Hopefully, the story of Jordan will encourage people to take a stance against owners who abuse their dogs or pets.

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