This Puppy Gets By With A Little Help From A Friend


One of the best parts about having a sibling or a friend your own age to play with is all of the innocent mischief that you can get into together. Babies who are forced to play by themselves do not get to experience the awesomeness that those of us with siblings are able to enjoy on a daily basis.


The two puppies in this video may be little, but they are already fast friends and we cannot wait to see what kind of adventures they have together in the future. One is three months old and the other is just one month old. They’ve developed an immediate bond and are already helping each other in and out of jams.

The smaller puppy wants to climb onto the bed, but the animal’s tiny little legs won’t allow them to do so. However, the puppy does not have to fear, for he has a great friend in his corner, a friend who is willing to provide him with the boost needed to reach the objective that has been set.

Watching the three month old puppy help the smaller one will fill your heart with pride. Dogs are often considered to be less intelligent animals, but in reality, they are able to come together and work towards a common goal. In this instance, that goal seems to be sharing a bed.

While some owners may not want to see their pets forming a team so that they climb onto their beds, these two puppies are too cute for these concerns to matter. Are you going to be the one who looks at these adorable faces and tells them no? Doubtful, right? Seeing them in action is one of the cutest things we’ve seen in some time and the smaller pup is definitely appreciative for the help he’s received.

This is the type of clip that you will need to watch more than once, to truly appreciate what is taking place. All we can do is hope that these two buddies continue to use their powers for good. We’d hate to see them using their teamwork to get into any true mischief and we are sure that this is just the beginning of an amazing friendship.

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Source: Puppy helps puppy by ViralHog on Rumble

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