Puppy Froze To The Ground After Being Abandoned At A Dump In Alaska


Spring is definitely on the way, but there are still certain areas that are struggling to overcome subzero temperatures. In some parts of the country, temperatures remain low and this places an onus on pet owners to do the right thing and make sure that their beloved animals are kept warm and well taken care of.


Pet owners need to realize that they have a major responsibility. Ensuring that your dog has proper shelter during the colder months is incredibly important to an animal’s long term survival. Seeing this puppy should help to drive that lesson home for those who are still confused.

When you leave a pet outside in the cold, the situation can become dire much faster than you realize. Take the puppy in this story for instance. He was residing in Alaska, which is already well known for its cold temperatures and chilly winds.

He somehow ended up in a dump, where his careless former owner left him, as opposed to doing right by the animal and taking him to a shelter. He was frozen to the ground and as a result of his predicament, his eventual rescuers decided to name him Olaf.

Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends got to Olaf in the nick of time, as he was not long for this world when he was initially found. Once the rescue team located him, they removed him from the dump and brought him in to receive the medical attention he so desperately needed. Thanks to their hard work and tireless effort, Olaf is believed to be in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.

Just take a look at this adorable little puppy.


How could anyone ever abandon that face? The idea that someone would leave this animal in a dump to suffer is incomprehensible to us. What is so difficult about bringing an unwanted animal to a shelter, so that they can receive the proper care and search for a forever home in the right environment?

All animals deserve to receive food, love and shelter. No pet should be left in the cold to suffer, yet heartless owners make the decision to take the easy way out on a consistent basis. Thanks to the good people at Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends, Olaf was saved from a terrible fate. We are sending him our best wishes, in hopes that he will get better soon and find a family to love and care for him. Find more info here: Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends


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