This Pup Just Received A Video Message From His Brother. Wait Till You See His Reaction!


A video like this will make you wonder why you cannot pick up the phone and remain in touch with your siblings in the same manner as these two dogs. If two dogs can take time out of their day to stay in touch with each other, then why can’t you? They were adopted into different homes, but they do not allow their geographical differences to keep them apart for too long.

We could stand to learn a lesson from these two adorable pups. We tend to find every excuse in the book for why we don’t keep tabs on our family members, and here these dogs are, making time for each other. This clip just might be one of the cutest and sweetest things that we have ever seen.
The puppy on the receiving end of the message even starts whining and whimpering when he realizes that he’s about to hear from his long lost brother. When his parents are slow to put the message on, he begins to bark loudly. That is his way of telling them to speed up the process of playing the message and to stop holding out on him, dang it!

The doggy who is receiving the message is named Samson and the dog who is sending the message is named Boomer and you just might bust out laughing when you hear the two of them barking in unison. If we didn’t know any better, we would think that this is just the way that the two of them say hello to one another.

It is easy to see that these two are brothers and just like any other set of siblings, they are able to go long periods of time without talking to each other without missing a beat.

If you are anything like us, then this video made you think about your siblings or even a long lost close friend that you’ve gone a long time without speaking to. This clip will definitely inspire people everywhere to give their friends and loved ones a call as soon as possible.

To see more of this adorable video message, take a moment to watch the full video. The interaction between these two brothers just might warm your heart. Once the clip has concluded, head to social media, so that you can spread the love and pass it along to your closest friends and family members.

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