This Tiny Pug Gets A New Bed, And His Reaction Is Marvelous!


Getting a new bed is one of the funniest experiences that we can enjoy in life and a dog’s feelings on this matter are certainly no different. We could definitely learn a lesson from our canine companions and their ability to show genuine appreciation and gratitude for the new beds that are bestowed upon them.

Take the pug puppy in this clip, for instance. From the onset of the video, it is clear as day to see how happy this animal is with his brand new bed. This just might be one of the most adorable pug puppies that we have ever seen in our entire life and his exploits will have you holding your sides with laughter. This just might be the best 51 seconds you spend all day!
Few things can brighten one’s day faster than a video of a cute puppy. You will find it impossible not to break into an ear to ear grin when you get a load of this little guy and while there is no medical evidence on hand to prove this hypothesis, we believe that taking a moment out of each day to stop and enjoy cute puppy videos like these will help you to live longer. They are a great way to blow off steam and reduce stress and all it takes is less than a minute.

This puppy is bound and determined to explore every square inch of his new bed and from the looks of it, he is also interested in testing its durability. He is certainly not going to leave anything to chance, as he plans to let this bed know who is boss! His facial expression is priceless and his happiness is infectious.

If you can watch this video without bursting out laughing, then we need to know your secret. The little pug’s enthusiasm is just too cute to put into words and we hope that this video brings viewers as much joy as it did us. You just might need to watch this clip more than once to truly appreciate it.
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Once you’ve finished watching this video and laughing your face off, be sure to share it with the pug lovers in your life. Don’t be stingy, take a moment to spread the love far and wide. This video will definitely make the day of all those you share it with and is a definite must see!

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