Preschool Fashion Choices: This is What Happens When A Son Dresses Mom For A Week


Summer Bellessa is an actress who blogs at She’s also the mom of a 3 year old boy named Rockwell. She realized that her son spends most of his life being told what to do and she wanted to change up that dynamic, even for just a little while. Her plan? Let him pick out her clothes for an entire week.

It was a brave choice considering that most preschoolers would wear their Halloween costumes every day if they could. But as you can see, Rockwell deserves some credit for his fashion sense. Although there were some hits and some misses, there is no denying that overall, Rockwell did a pretty good job picking out his mom’s clothes.

Day 1

The outfit started out looking good. Rockwell paired a gray Bob Dylan tee shirt with a matching gray skirt and black tights. Summer was thinking about putting this outfit into her regular rotation, but then disaster struck in the form of nude heels. Nude heels are a great neutral but not so much with black tights. Rockwell cemented the eclectic nature of the outfit with a navy hoodie and brown purse and hat.
Day 2

Rockwell hits one out of the park when he pairs a Mickey Mouse tee shirt with black and white polka dot leggings. Summer thought it looked like an homage to Minnie Mouse. The gold flats added flair and drama to an otherwise basic color scheme. Good job, Rockwell!
Day 3

Rockwell was really into color today. He paired a blue floral print sundress with knee high bright floral print socks, pink tennis shoes and a military style jacket. This look takes a bit of getting used to but it was well received on the street. Summer even got compliments from someone who loved her fun socks.
Day 4
By day four, Rockwell was starting to have fashion fatigue. He picked out three shirts for summer but no bottoms. She gently nudged him to exchange one shirt for a pair of pants, resulting in two shirts and pants. The dark blue jeans worked well with the cream and navy striped shirt. The lighter tee shirt worn over it added a bit of an edge along with an uplifting quote to “be the good” you want to see in the world. It all fell apart when Rockwell reached the shoes, though. Yes, both shoes are leopard print, but they don’t actually match each other. Close but no win on the shoes for this day.
Day 5
Rockwell picked out a shirt with arrows because arrows are one of his favorite things and is disappointed to find there are no arrow-themed pants in Summer’s wardrobe. The jeans he settles for work well with the arrow top but once again Rockwell struggles with footwear. He drags out one black rain boot and one brown cropped boot, hoping that they are close enough.

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