Prepare Your Heart Because You’re About To See Something That’ll Touch It So Much. Amazing.


It’s amazing how a dog who has had such a hard life could be so gentle, as we witness Rocky. Rocky didn’t bite Eldad, and neither was there an inch of resistance from him. He was the perfect sweetheart, who didn’t take out his hard life on the people who rescued him. We should not only admire his resilience, we should absorb and live it, as well.

Stories like Rocky’s are a dime a dozen, so if you could, adopt, don’t shop. Choose to find a pet from a shelter, as they need a home more than the purebred pets that you might be considering.

Dogs like Rocky are aplenty in nations the world over, and for the team at Hope for Paws to keep going in their mission to keep helping one dog at a time helps give these beautiful creatures a new lease at life. It may not save the millions of other dogs who need help, but at best, Eldad Hagar and his team get to keep one more dog off the streets with every rescue mission they work on.

Rocky’s case dates back to 2010, but there are more pets that need a home. So share this video with your friends, and encourage everybody to “Adopt, don’t shop.”

It’s the least we could do for the furry friends who need a home.

Check out the links on the video, to find out more about Eldad Hagar, Hope for Paws, and Downtown Dog Rescue. Don’t forget to share the post, which has Rocky’s complete story! For more stories like these, bookmark and subscribe to our blog.

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