Pregnant Mom Refuses To Give Birth To Her Pups. The Reason Brought Me To Tears.


When a dog is abandoned, it is very rare for them to receive a second chance at life. Most abandoned dogs are left in shelters to be euthanized or they end up dying on the street, after spending a lifetime wandering around in search of a forever home. Others eventually die of natural causes or get run over by unruly motorists.

But what happened to this dog defies logic and brings cruelty to a whole new level. Java was a boxer who had a lovely home, until she was left behind by her insensitive owners. They were moving and simply decided that they no longer wished to care for her. While these circumstances might have been somewhat understandable, since people move into homes that do not allow pets or fall on hard times financially, what this family chose to do was utterly despicable.

By the time Java was found, she had become very fearful and no longer trusted people, understandably so. Java was starving and to make matters worse, she was also pregnant. When a dog does not receive proper nutrition, pregnancies can be a terribly painful time.

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UPDATE! Java and her puppies were all adopted in loving homes. Thank you to everyone who shared their story and followed up with their progress. 

How great for Java! She finally received the love and care that she needed most, allowing her to bring her children into the world without any complications. Hopefully, all nine of the puppies will be able to find forever homes to call their own.

This special story needs to be shared with your closest friends and family as soon as humanly possible.

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