A Breeder Posted On Social Media That He Was Throwing A Dog Out. Then This Happened.


The idea that someone could ever throw away a living creature is almost too appalling to think about. Why would someone ever throw a dog away, when there are so many viable alternatives? If you are unable to care for a dog (or any other pet, for that matter), you can simply head to your local shelter, humane society or classified section to see if you can find a willing taker.

The dog in this clip experienced the aforementioned fate, as a result of the fact that she was born with a birth defect. Some people are not ready to parent fur babies who need extra love, but as it turns out, getting tossed aside just might have been the best thing that could ever happen to our friend Willow here.
When Willow was first born, she did not have the ability to walk, which obviously made things difficult from a number of different standpoints. It was hard for her to eat, which in turn made it tough to develop any sort of strength. She’s a Neapolitan mastiff and while she initially bred for selling purposes, her defect made her an incredibly expensive burden, one that her owner wanted to be rid of as soon as possible.

She was born with a congenital defect, also known as Swimmer’s Syndrome, that made her chest flat and forced her limbs to splay outward in every direction. Because puppies with this defect are not able to move, they are typically euthanized or thrown away. They are considered to be completely useless by most, but Willow was different.

The breeder posted on social media that Willow would be thrown out and from there, her rescuers sprang into action, driving to Bloomington, Montana to save her life. We shudder to think about what would have happened to her if the rescuers had not intervened and provided her with the second chance that she so richly deserved.

To find out more about this amazing rescue and what happened next, take a moment to watch the full video. Willow’s story is absolutely incredible and a testament to what can take place when people come together to help another living creature reach her true potential.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=O6UELKZp2oM”]
While the beginning of this clip makes for tough viewing, those who hang in until the end will be greatly rewarded. To raise awareness about the cruelty of breeders and their unfair practices, be sure to spread the love and pass this video along to your fellow dog lovers.

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