Popular Dog Treat Recalled For Potential Contamination. Make Sure Your Friends’ Dogs Are Safe.


Your dog deserves an occasional treat and this could be a reward for being good and at other times for performing tricks. Doggie treats are ready-to-eat and are very high in calories or tainted by bacteria as a result of exposure or a badly processed batch. This impurity can cause several health problems that are potentially irreversible like obesity, periodontal disease, and diabetes.


In 2007, a global pet food disaster caused kidney malfunction and death in dogs and cats that had consumed foods containing melamine (a wheat gluten made in China). Wheat gluten is a cheaper alternative to meat protein and whole grain carbohydrates. As a result of this tragedy, some pet food manufacturers started to make less expensive products with lower quality ingredients. Even though we acknowledge the existence of these products and despite extensive research by the FDA, it is uncertain what causes pet food to become tainted.

Once again, a popular dog food is being recalled because of contamination. The company called Nutro announced a deliberate recall of its doggie treat called “Chewy Apple Dog Treats” because of a potential mold contamination. Despite the fact that the Nutro website has not explained the dangers, they are still going forward with the recall and letting everyone know about the befouled products.

A Nutro distributor called PetSmart urged people who had purchased these treats to stop feeding the product to their pets immediately and offered a full refund to those who return the remaining dog treats back to the store. This recall drive is only for some batches of the dog treat. The affected batches all have batch codes that are located under the bags just below the “best by” date. Below is a list of the lot codes for the bags affected.

  • Lot codes starting with 4 50
  • Lot codes starting with 5 02
  • Lot codes starting with 5 03
  • Lot codes starting with 5 05


Whenever you fill your pet’s bowl with grub, ask yourself what is in the meal. Even though it is practically impossible to ensure that your dog never comes in contact with contaminated food or treats, remember that commercially available pet food is expected to be nutritionally whole and balanced for all stages. This wholeness will give you the pet owner a level of confidence that your companion is consuming a balanced diet rich in fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, and minerals to satisfy their nutritional needs.

For its part, PetSmart promised a full refund to anybody who brought remaining dog treats to the store.

In the meantime, why not make your dog some treats from scratch? It’s easier than you think. Here are a bunch of easy, do-it-yourself dog treat recipes.

Click here for the complete statement from PetSmart Corporate about the recall.


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