Poor Horses Forced To Overwork Thrown In The Garbage When Collapsed


A horse forced to stagger under loads three times heavier than its size can be a very disturbing sight, not to mention one that has finally dropped dead out of exhaustion and then is disposed of in a garbage like trash.

Sadly this is seen as very normal in some parts of our world today. Cartagena, city of Columbia is one of them.

There have been more recorded horse deaths involving horses drawn carriages than other causes. These creatures being gentle souls continue to endure all the animal cruelty knowingly or unknowingly apportioned to them as a result of this outdated practice.

Putting an end to this animal cruelty is something to be taken seriously, to let these horses have the freedom they deserved.

While Cartagena is the most popular place in the city of Columbia, it can be considered as a torture room for unfortunate horses, a hell on earth, a place devoid of sympathy for these gentle creatures.
Many tourists visit Cartagena, they can be seen all over the place, beautifying the colorful streets and the exotic sandy beaches. A lot of them do this by, talking businesses, some having a romantic time out, some just enjoying the exotic views while relaxing away on carriages pulled by horses, completely unaware of what these poor animals go through.

These horses are forced to work all day throughout the year without any break even in weather extreme conditions. These beasts of burden as some might call it, keep walking all over the city giving the tourists the excitement of their lives, while they hang on to theirs.

It would be interesting to note that these horses are barely fed or given proper shelter either, while they are required to work three times more than what they were given to feed on.

With lack of food, water and proper shelter, evidently these animals begin to weaken, by slowing down on their pace and still none of the basic necessities happens to be coming their way, until they collapse.

And worst still after they cave in, one would think they would quickly be resuscitated or taken to a vet considering how useful they are to this community.

They’re hurled into the garbage, and left to their fate. This is after they must have walked long hours all over the city of Cartagena, showing tourists around, and then forced to carry very heavy luggage.

Can animal cruelty be put to an end? what can be done to stop this cruelty because these horses have as much right to life as we do on this planet.

They’re thrown in the garbage like trash…not only that, after they’re done showing the tourists around, they’re forced to carry heavy luggage. Can no one stop this? Please let’s stop this cruelty because horses have just as much right as we have…on this earth. Share away, people.

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