Poor Dog Tied In A Garbage Bag To Rot And Die, Rescued In The Nick Of Time


With the technological advances that we’re having on a daily basis and with the social breakthroughs we had in the past, we’d think our society would finally start cutting the violence, discrimination and general negativity out of it, but we’d be wrong.


By now, we’d like to see people being comprehensive and caring with each other and with every living creature out there. And we do see that, but most people still want to see the world burn and keep on attacking and / or hurting innocent creatures.


In this story, we see a dog that was clearly left to die near the river, but that was found by a woman that saved her life and changed it forever. The conditions she was found were in were awful.


She was found in a garbage bad with her legs wrapped in electrical wire so she couldn’t move at all. If she wasn’t found there was only one possible result: she would die in there. Luckily, she was found.


When this Italian woman found her, she was dehydrated, covered in fleas and larvae and in shock at what had happened to her. In the video you can see the woman give her some water so she can recover her strength when she is then taken to the vet and taken care of.


At the vet, she was cleaned, fed and analyzed. They found out she has a problem in her hind legs that paralyzed them – she was unable to move them. Yet, she moves her tail anytime someone gives her some love and some attention – she isn’t scared on the inside.

Later on she was adopted by a new family and named Oliveira. Now, she lives happily with her family that feeds her, loves her and takes care of her, without wrapping her legs in electrical wire and putting her in a bag to die near the river.


She even has her own couch to sit and lay on whenever she wants to, no string attached (hah). You can see in the pictures that she is having a really nice life now, and that things only seem to be improving for Oliveira. We expect her to be happy from here on out, so keep going Oliveira, you’re beautiful!


People who help others are much, much stronger that people who try to bring others down to their own level. Stay strong, good will prevail. It always does.

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