Police Officer Shoots Dog, Then Leaves Note for Family Before Continuing With His Day.


Imagine the horror and fear that a dog owner would feel if their beloved pet had been shot. Consider the consternation that a pet owner would feel when they find a note from a Deputy Sheriff claiming their dog attacked the Sheriff and that is why the dog was shot. A normal person would be outraged at a note from the Sheriff that demands that the pet owner call the Sheriff like the incident was their fault.


One might imagine this story to be concocted by people that hate the police but it is true. The note, the injured dog, and the video that shows the dog was not attacking at all are clear evidence that in this case the Sheriff overreacted in a big way.

This is not a criticism of the police. Police make mistakes because they were human long before they became police. The refusal of the Sheriff’s Department in Claremore, Oklahoma to take responsibility for a near deadly mistake and outright refusal to pay for the treatment needed to restore the dog to health is an abominable travesty of what most people consider the police to stand for.

The near fatal shooting of Bruno, a German shepherd, was at least partially an accident. The Sheriff not only came to the wrong house to investigate a disturbance but shot a dog that was barking at him. Dogs defend their turf and any reasonable person would understand this. The dog was in a fenced yard so no person was in danger.

The family naturally took Bruno to the vet immediately and the dog’s life was saved. Bruno lost a leg and still needs a shoulder replacement. The Sheriff’s Department was heartless enough not to take the dog to the vet themselves claiming that they were not an ambulance service.

This act should be considered criminal behavior. No discipline of the officer has occurred. The family is stuck with a huge financial need to help Bruno regain as much mobility as possible. The family knew enough to create a GoFundMe campaign that has collected enough money to help Bruno heal.


Share this story with your friends and all the animal lovers you know so that Bruno gets a chance to lead a reasonably normal life after being maliciously assaulted for no reason. Share this video to raise the awareness of all peace officers about dog’s behavior and their need to consider the dog and the owner’s love for their dog when dealing with animals. Shooting is a last resort for dogs too.

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