Pocket Cat T-Shirts With A Hidden Surprise. These T-Shirts May Shock You


Nowadays, it can be difficult to shock someone, especially with a simple fashion choice. It seems like every offensive joke and shock tactic has been used up. So when popular skateboard apparel company Ripndip put out their popular series of tees starring beloved mascot King Nermal, observers could be forgiven for not paying very much attention to the innocent cat perched inside of the T-shirt pocket.

Even the most seasoned fashion observers would be shocked to discover that the cute kitty inside of the shirt’s pocket has a hidden message to deliver to those who are savvy enough to pull the pocket in a downward motion. Those who take the time to do so reveal a smirking King Nermal, who has a message for anyone who’s been speaking badly about him: two uplifted middle fingers.

There are some who will find such a profane display unnecessary, while there are others who will undoubtedly think King Nermal’s gesture is hilarious and want to purchase a shirt as soon as possible. Great fashion choices are divisive in nature and the best designers know how to create pieces that are polarizing to the general public.

Having people on each side of the debate makes for fashion pieces that are able to last the test of the time. The worst thing that can happen to a company like Ripndip? They release a design of this nature and no one cares at all. When no one has any opinion at all about a designer’s work, this is typically a worst case scenario.

These shirts are particularly clever, due to the fact that they are not immediately offensive to an unseasoned viewer. A person who passes you on the street is not going to be able to see King Nermal’s outstretched middle fingers or have any inkling about what he is hiding in your shirt pocket.
Having the ability to pull down your pocket and showcase King Nermal at any time can be too difficult for fashionable citizens to resist. At least this is what Ripndip had in mind when they came up with this ingenious shirt design. Their aim was to advance the conversation and raise the bar for future offensive shirt designs. Instead of merely printing curse words on the front of a shirt and calling it an artistic statement, Ripndip is innovating.

While these designs may not be for everybody and most people would never be caught dead in a shirt with a cute kitty on the front, these shocking shirts can still serve a purpose. Whether it’s to get a laugh out of your friends or simply provide a chuckle for coworkers on Casual Friday, these T-shirts are sure to sell to a variety of different consumers.

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