Plain Rooms Take A Dramatic Twist When You Turn Off The Light


These amazing pictures are of the work of Hungarian artist Bogi Fabian. She works with many different mediums but the one thing that all her work has in common is that it is designed to be plain and boring in either natural or artificial light. Then, when you remove the light, the paintings bloom into life, vibrant and exciting.
She looks like she’s painting nothing when you have the light on. The room is a plain beige, like a newly built home or a hotel. But when you turn the light off you discover that she has created a scene of the universe that lights up the room.

This ocean scene is filled with translucent jellyfish and seaweed covered rocks.

When you see a close up picture like this one, you get a real sense for how detailed her work is. Fabian says she wants to give living spaces a soul, and you can imagine how greatly she succeeds.

This scene is more abstract, suggesting the ocean without explicitly creating fish or corals.

She turned this room into the starriest of nights. No nightlight would be needed for anyone sleeping in this gorgeous nightscape.

This ocean scene makes you feel like you are living in the coral reef. Vibrant reds and oranges bring the life of the ocean to your home.

Purples and pinks create a mystical feeling space room, which appears untouched in the light of day.

With this other view of a previous ocean scene, you can imagine how restful and soothing this bedroom must be in real life.

An Aztec inspired wall mural is designed for a piano player. Fabian proves she can incorporate any design or style preferences into her unusual art.

Do you see how the leaves in this one have an almost 3D effect? It would truly be the closest thing to sleeping in the forest.

The artist in front of her vibrant and lush waterfall scene.

For “Tangled” fans, Rapunzel’s hair can really light up and take the place of a night light for a lucky little girl.

You can see that some addition of 3D accessories attached to the walls and ceiling helps create a truly immersive experience.

For those that want to be surrounded by Fabian’s art, she can paint the floors as well as the walls and ceiling.

She’s painted herself into this futuristic space scene.

The art supplies in close-up are just as exciting as the finished pieces are.


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