A Blind Pit Bull Was Used & Then Abandoned On A Park Bench. Then This Happened…


Many dogs seem to love going to the park. However, there was a pitbull who was blind in both eyes. She was abandoned on a park bench in Santa Barbara. She was absolutely terrified to leave the bench, because she couldn’t see. It was obvious she had just given birth to babies, and she had a heart condition.


Luckily, it wasn’t long before rescue workers found the pitbull and got her the help that she needed. They were able to find out what was going on with her, and improve her health. What was even more important is that they were able to get her into a foster family – and now she is eating better than ever.

Throughout the video, you can see the adorable pitbull being given chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and all sorts of other delicious fast food. Not exactly the best kibble for a dog, but the pitbull doesn’t seem to mind one bit!


The hope is that they can get the pitbull up to a healthy weight again so that they can eventually find her a forever home. This shouldn’t take much time at all because the dog have a healthy appetite. She is downing everything that they give her, and she is a well behaved dog.

Rescue workers estimated that her previous owners used her purely to have puppies and then abandoned her. This is so unfortunate, especially because the puppies are likely not going to survive very well without the milk from the mother, though it doesn’t go into detail about all of that. No matter what, the dog was not treated in the best way, and now rescue workers have to step in.


No dog should ever be abandoned on a park bench. They would have been better bringing the dog to a rescue center and abandoning her there. However, this dog was lucky and she is being looked out for in the best possible way.
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The pitbull will hopefully get adopted into a forever home and she can live out her days blind, but at least happy and loved. She’s got a cute face and it’s a heartwarming story told in the video.

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