This Pit Bull Was Carrying A Chihuahua In Her Mouth, Nobody Expected THIS!


For an animal which has a lower intelligence to show some sort of empathy for another animal and also to follow it up with sincerely unselfish behavior is nothing short of astonishing. The belief that only humans can show compassion has been proven to be a myth as animals have continually demonstrated that they are not that dumb and can tell when they need to show care to other animals in trouble.

When animals make a rescue of other animals, a bond develops between the two and this bond lasts for as long as they live. The animals play together, sleep together and eat together. They can barely get enough of their new soulmate. They hardly care about the breed, size or species of their soulmates, they just want to make sure they are safe and sound.


This was the case of Joanie, the white Pitbull, who found an injured Chihuahua, which was lost and all alone. Joanie was certain that something was not right with the poor little dog and wanted to do all she could to help as quickly as possible. She swung into action and picked the Chihuahua up in her mouth and carefully carried the pet without causing further injury and went looking for a kind person who could offer help to the poor mutt. This act is by far the most shocking act by an animal, considering the fact that they are the most aggressive dogs known amongst all. Knowing the reputation of pit bulls, it is a relief to know that they can remove these myths and show just how loving they can be.


Luckily, people in the vicinity reacted to seeing Joanie with a smaller dog in her mouth, and she was taken for an examination. After the Chihuahua had been examined, it was discovered that the poor dog had an injured left eye. Eventually, the Chihuahua got the necessary medical attention that she needed, and it was a sad decision to make, but the pet had to lose the injured eye to avoid any infection or complications and prolong her life.


The cute pet was named Chachi, and both dogs were taken to a local shelter. The animals developed a very strong bond since the incident and have been inseparable since they keep supporting each other every day and in their time of need. Both dogs even found their new home together, and now live out their days with a caring family, and also have a wonderful backyard to frolic around in. Most importantly, they have each other.


This affectionate story is only one out of a thousand which portrays animals as compassionate creatures. Humans initially believed that animals only helped other animals when the have something to gain from them. This myth has been busted, and it is clear that we should begin to give animals their due credit.

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