Pit Bull Puppy Saved And Adopted By Cats After His Mom Tried To Eat Him


In the first place, why would a new mother choose to eat her newborn puppies than to keep them alive? Could this be their nature of a sign of bad mothering?

Almost every mammal is known to inhibit to inhibit a deep sense of care and concern (motherly love) for their children. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with them as sometimes humans are required to step in and save the situation and give the puppies a chance to live.


If proper care is not taken, the highly anticipated birth of a litter of puppies will be ruined by the mother herself. Obviously, puppy deaths do occur, unfortunately, these deaths are apparently caused by the dam. Although, puppies could be subjected to cannibalism; it is a true fact that mother dogs do eat their puppies. To this end, it is difficult to come to terms with this kind of behavior.


This mother dog gave birth to puppies which grew healthy and strong in few days. However, things turned out to be unpleasant when all of a sudden these beautiful creatures were no more. For reasons best known to her, she got rid of all her babies except for this one (Nicolas) with whom she had already started her cannibalistic acts by feeding on one of his paws.


Thanks to the quick intervention that helped rescue the poor animal from its premature death. He was immediately provided with medical attention as soon as he was delivered from the situation.


Although the puppy has been provided with a new home in a comfortable shelter, however, he cannot be able to fend for himself because he is still too small. Some felines at the shelter were moved with compassion for Nicholas and could not but step in to ensure that the canine does not feel alone.


With the companionship of these two feline friends, Nicholas now feels at home while they provide him with a few clicks to ensure he remains warm and clean. He also has five foster canine siblings to assist him in learning the canine lifestyle when he becomes of age. However, Nicholas is currently experiencing some difficulties in getting around as one of his paws has been badly damaged. With the help he gets from his human owner, he is sure to finish strong.

Thankfully, he gets to have a “village” of various species looking out for his well-being and ensuring that he gets the best possible care. It’s our best wishes to Nicolas that he pulls through and grows up to be big and strong. Share away, people…

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