Pit Bull Mistreated By Owner And Left With A Silicone Band Embedded Into His Neck!


We hear of animal abuse every now and then. It has become one of the most common crimes in the society but sadly the culprits most often roam free. They hardly ever get the punishment they deserve. This is another shocking story of a pit bull who was found with a nylon cord tied tightly around his neck by his owner, probably left to die. This gruesome incident took place in Italy and has been over the net for quite some time.

When the pit bull was rescued, he was found in a pitiable condition by the vets. His head has started to swell and become so big. Just imagine the excruciating pain he must have underwent all those days. The vet doctors at the Duemari Veterinary Clinic named him Ball when he was taken for treatment after seeing the big swollen head. With careful and expert hands, they were able to remove the nylon collar and Ball is now slowly on his road to recovery. You can take a look at the images of the pit bull with swollen head and scars around his neck.
It took long to sink in after watching the images of the tortured pit bull. How can any human being with a heart think of harming innocent creatures in that way? What the owner did was beyond imagination and deserve utter condemnation and punishment.

Looking at the condition of the pit bull, he will take long to get back to his normal self but at least for now he is in safe hands. Let us just hope he is able to have a speedy recovery and remove the trauma he underwent from his memory. The video footage shows Ball being taken care of by the veterinary doctors and being fed with proper meal. Kudos for their generosity and dedicated service. The world is in need of many people like them.

I came across this video recently while going through a social networking site and thought it would be best to share to create awareness among people. Animal abuse should be prevented at any cost and everyone should stand up against it. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends after watching it. You can create awareness which is very necessary though you cannot actively support or join animal abuse campaigns or other organizations.

It will be a long time before his appearance returns to normal, but he’s definitely in a better place than he was with his previous, abusive owner. Sign the petition here. Share away, people.

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