Pit Bull With A Facial Deformity Loves His Human Foster Sister With His Whole Heart


All animals do not look the same and the pitbull in this video is a shining example of that principle. But there is no reason why an animal with a facial deformity or any sort of unique appearance should receive any less love. While they have a different look to them or act in a manner that is not easily identifiable, they are no less deserving of our tender, loving care.


Every animal in the world is capable of offering love and should be able to receive it in return. Most families are looking for an animal with a perfect appearance to take home with them, but there should be a special family out there in the world that does not care about Clark Kent’s special facial alignment in the slightest.

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Poor Clark Kent had already been surrendered due to his strange look. He was residing at the Manhattan Animal Care Centre and the bone masses in his face had left his cheekbone looking slightly askew. Not only were his bone masses adversely affecting his ability to find a home, but he was also suffering from a bout of kennel cough.


The best part about getting to know Clark Kent is that he refuses to allow his condition to dampen his spirit. He is still friendly and loving and you would never know how hard his life has been. During his stay at the shelter, he continued to greet everyone with a smile and a wag of the tail.

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Can you believe that this pup managed to cheat death twice before he was even one year old? No one wanted to adopt him, due to his condition and from there, he was placed on an euthanasia list.


He was saved by a man named Edmond, but just when things seemed to finally be looking up for him, he came down with a case of double pneumonia. Clark could no longer breathe regularly and as a result, he fell into critical condition.

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The nurses who were responsible for his care reported that he never let his happiness waver and greeted each of them with a wag of the tail each time they checked on him.


Now that Clark Kent has beaten the odds and remained alive, he needs to find a forever home that he can call his own. Share this story with all interested parties and contact kylie@rockandrawhide.org if you are able to foster or adopt this loving pup.

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