PHOTOS: From The Outside It’s Just A Shipping Container But You’ll Be In Awe At What’s Hidden Inside


The latest trend seems to be one of deceptive simplicity, taking a structure that does not look like much and turning it into something that will shock and astound onlookers. Nowadays, almost anything can be converted into a living space, no matter how impossible it may seem from the outsider’s perspective.
The trend of owning tinier homes now allows people to have the place that they have always dreamed of, at a much lower cost. You will be shocked to see what this resourceful couple managed to pull off with just a mere shipping container. Those of us who complain about the lack of opulence are put to shame by what this couple manages to achieve with a mere 160 square feet.

However, even though the couple has a limited amount in space to work with, they have clearly made the most out of their living situation. We could all stand to learn a lesson or two from these people. Take one step inside of this home and you would never have the faintest idea that the couple had less than 200 square feet of space to work with.
The home that you see in the photographs was designed by a famous Costa Rican design firm known as Cubica. In order to increase the overall space available to the couple, the home was outfitted with a rooftop observation deck, so that they are able to sit outside and watch the stars come out each night.

While this may seem hard to fathom for some, this home is able to fit a family of four with ease. Families with children are able to live in homes such as these on a consistent basis, with plenty of room to move around. Many of us have seen shipping containers be converted into shelter for the large population of homeless American citizens, but never was it thought that the average family could live in one.
Shipping container or not, the home depicted in these photographs is one of the most beautiful and creative living structures that I have ever had a chance to lay eyes on. The home does not lack for amenities, either. There is a fully stocked kitchen, bathroom, and even a washer and dryer.

There is no skimping on areas for family members to put their feet and enjoy some rest and relaxation, either. There is enough space outdoors to make even the most skeptical person happy and a multi functioning area that can be used for dining, sleeping and eating. If you think that you would be able to live here, feel free to share these photos with your friends. This home has to be seen to be believed, so share the link as much as possible.

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