Photographer Captures Perfect Moment Between A Dog And Her Favorite Boy


Cade Williams is one lucky boy! He has found his soulmate in Jillian. Cade and Jillian are so in tuned with one another that they often have the same facial expressions. As you can see through this picture story, Jillian is a beautiful white (rescued) dog.

Cade was not afraid to ask for a new dog to add to the family of three dogs and a cat. His father, Kevyn is a chef who specializes in preparing meals for dogs. His (soon-to-be) step-mother, Meredith is also an animal lover.


She is a public school teacher and does photography as a hobby. Shortly before Meredith and Kevyn moved in together, Meredith adopted the dog from a local shelter. She had been neglected and was at the point of starvation.


She would need a lot of love and care and Meredith knew just the boy that could give it to her.


Kevyn and Meredith began nursing the dog back to health with nutritious food, rest and medical attention. Cade provided the strong and unyielding love. The dog was naturally drawn to Cade.


These pictures show that Cade is rarely without his friend near-by and the dog always seems to want to do what Cade does. Even if Cade catnaps in his chair, Jillian dozes beside him. It is hard to tell who needed the other more. Cade and Jillian seem to be meant to be together.


This family of human, canine and feline members have a house filled with love, laughter, respect and care. The warmth is evident and abundant. Soon there will be another member of the family to share this wonderful life with. In the spring, Kevyn and Meredith are expecting a new baby. In a family like this, there is always room for one more. They anxiously await the arrival. There is no doubt that Cade & Jillian will be great siblings!


It is safe to say the baby will grow up feeling protected and adored. It is also safe to assume he or she will have a dog of their own at some point, to pal around with. I guess it goes without saying, that Meredith will always be near with her camera. She will capture every moment to save this beautiful family in memory.


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