People Are Turning Their Cats Into Donald Trump, And The Results Are Hilarious!


These days many cats are beginning to wear a lot of strange things that have never been seen before. However, the recent style portrayed by some crazy cat lovers may be the weirdest of all trends. Thanks to the hashtag #TrumpYourCat, many cat owners are transforming the clumps of their cat hair into viral entertainment.


In this new trend, Donald Trump’s signature hairstyle is well rocked by pets. Although this whole concept is just fairly simple, however, the latest silly photo trend has been taken to the next level by some cat owners who have added a little bit of creative touch.

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So, how is this famous style presented? The swaggering billionaire has always been seen with a mysterious comb-over of blond and silver mess sitting perched atop of his head. Now referred to as “Trump’s hair” this trend is now revealing an instant cuteness among pets as the same hairstyle is now being found among cats.

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Apparently, this craze which is known as #Trumpyourcat does not mean howling racist comments at your feline friend. If you love this trend and would like to apply it, you do not just need to ask for styling advice. All you have to do is to check out for the furriness and flow with the trend.

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As a point of warning, it is important to note that cats can be hot-headed just like Trump himself, therefore, it is important to consider this fact as you are bound to experience a hell lot of toupee. The latest social media sensation has indeed revealed that Donald Trump is now faced with some feline competition.

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No doubt, these tabby Trump impersonators have skillfully mastered the trend and they are not scared – not even a bit – to show it off. As it all stands now, this is quite sensational, tangible, solid and beautiful. Every cat will like it and would love to have it!

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Now, not only cats are getting in on the action, even a few non-cats are joining in and becoming part of the trend. If you are desiring to your cat right on the Trump trend, here is a breakdown on how to get this done with ease.

  1. Get a brush for your cat
  2. Then, brush the hair into a toupee
  3. Finally, place the toupee on the cat.
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