Penny The Miracle Pup Celebrates A Birthday No One Thought She Would Live To See


There is nothing better than a warm, squirming, wiggly, pudgy puppy dog. However, some puppies have complications in their birth or even just after their birth, making it difficult for them to survive puppy-hood. When a puppy has to overcome complications in its birth or youth, there is often little hope of it surviving. However, despite all odds, this brave puppy has survived to celebrate her very first birthday!


Penny the puppy was a lost cause. The doctors and her mother had given up on her surviving puppy-hood. She was small, helpless, and her mother was unable to care for her. However, that didn’t stop Penny from fighting for her life! With the help of her adopted mother, Candice, Penny grew stronger every day. She fought hard for her life with her new mom at her side.

Candice stayed by Penny’s side to give her care, comfort, and shelter while she grew stronger. Penny went from being a helpless pup to a happy, bubbling, adorable lively puppy dog. Although still a baby, Penny has been through more than most pups have had to by her age! It is incredible to see how amazing and wonderful she has become with the love of her adopted mom. She is a lot bigger now than she was when she was adopted, but she still has the gleeful spirit.


Watch how Candice cared for Penny, burping her like a baby and cuddling her. Then, watch Penny celebrate her special day as a big, strong 1 year old! Her very first birthday! Now a strong vibrant puppy, Penny is able to give lots of love and snuggles to those around her, and Candice couldn’t be more delighted.

Celebrate Penny’s first birthday and her newfound life as a healthy and happy dog. Penny’s story is truly miraculous as she fought against all odds to become the amazing creature she is today. Penny’s story is inspiring and she proves that no matter how little you are, your life is worth something and it is worth fighting for. Penny may not know it is her birthday, but she does know that she is alive and well and that she is much loved.


Penny goes on to live a happy and healthy life with Candice in her home. Every day the puppy wakes up gleeful and excited to be alive and well. Today is Penny’s special day and her life will be celebrated. What an adorable first birthday!

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