This Abused Starved Dog Was Thrown Down A Trash Chute. Then, A Miracle Happened.


The Patrick Miracle
A distress call to the Newark Animal Control centre introduced Animal Control Official Skinner to the site and he took possession of Patrick. Where therapy began instantly to save the life of Patrick the canine that was barely alive was taken to the Humane Society. Helpers at the refuge were unsure whether Patrick was really living, he was dehydrated and so utterly emaciated. The look on Patrick’s eyes reveals his plea for help and the burning desire to live. The shape of his bones was well traced on every part of his body. In short, he was a living dog skeleton. When he was placed on subcutaneous fluids, he was seen obviously between life and death. His changes of living hung on a thin thread.


When Patrick was found, he was so badly emaciated he was thought to be dead.

Hardly could any believe that the administered fluids could energize the poor creature and resuscitate life in him. The emotionally down casted Patrick would begin to understand that there were folks who were sympathetic and had feelings for dogs. It wasn’t the medical treatment given to the dog that made him turn a new leaf and begin to believe in humans but the love, care and concern showed on him gave him the courage to believe.

Little by little Patrick was seen recouping in good health. Life and strength began to develop and transform the pup. He began looking like a rebranded canine, wearing a newly acceptable natural look. The unbelievable speedy recovery exhibited by the pit-bull came as a result of dedicated services rendered by many people around him.

Rescued just a day before the St. Patrick’s Day Anniversary, the jowly pooch earned the name “Patrick”. In a bid to sustain his life, the dog was place on a 24 hour routine care, and was administered blood transmission at the Humane Society. Also, in other to get him free from dirt and fleas, he was given a proper warm bath. Initially it was obviously written that the half dead dog might not make it. However, due to the unwavering care and support he received the dog miraculously experienced a retransformation.

Records show that the dog had gained 31 pounds after being cared for, when he was admitted almost as a corpse weighing 19 pounds then. Nursed backed to life at the animal care centre, Patrick has being rejuvenating in sound health and alacrity. He has being seen taking a walk in the daylight sun.


His bones stuck out all over his body, his eyes bulged and he was begging for help.


He was a skeleton of a dog.

The Patrick Miracle


He was given fluids immediately; his case was so severe that vets weren’t sure if he could be saved.


Slowly, he realized he was in good hands.

The Patrick Miracle


Day by day, he improved. He gained weight, he grew back fur and he began to look like a dog.


Then, he was unrecognizable he looked so healthy.

The Patrick Miracle


Thank you to every volunteer and vet that helped restore Patrick to glory; his transformation is unbelievable.

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