Parrot Is Speaking ‘Meow-Language’, Just Watch And See… OMG, Can You Believe It?!


In this video a little kitten is softly meowing to himself. The parrot behind him quickly picks up the sound and begins communicating with the parrot in his own language. The kitten does not know whether this creature is an odd cat or a silly bird.

Parrots and kittens usually get along very well. Both have been kept as pets for many years. However, cats do not always know what the parrot is due to his ability to speak their language. You can soon see the cat getting frustrated with the parrot that repeats everything he says.

Parrots and cats have long been a desirable houseguest. They seem to have an unending curiosity with each other. Parrots will tease and peck at a cat to annoy him. They will eat from the cat dish and drink from his bowl. If the cat protests, he never knows what will come from the parrots lips. He may be scolded in his own voice or the voice of the humans in the house.

Parrots and cats are seen to have a cat and mouse type relationship with the parrot being the aggressor. However, there is no pain involved. Parrots just take pleasure in keeping the cat on his toes. No matter how long the cat and parrot live together, the cat always has a fearful respect of the family bird.

There is no danger of the parrot dying and leaving the cat in shock as a parrot can live from 80 to 90 years if taken care of. However a house cat usually only lives 15 years.

If you introduce your cat to a parrot, you want to monitor their interactions. Some cats are more defensive than others. Always trim your cat’s nails because even a small scratch to the delicate parrot can become a problem.
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It is better to introduce a parrot to you cat if your cat is an easy going animal that is not disturbed easily. Once they get used to each other, the bird may land on the cat’s head or preen his whiskers. He may drop small objects on the cat as a challenge to play. The cat may or may not oblige, but an easy going cat will just ignore the funny bird.

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