Our Horse Kept Disappearing, So We Set Up A Camera To Find Out Why… Now We Know!!


This horse in this clip was confounding all of the workers at the Misty Meadows Farm where she resides. This is due to the fact that the horses were continuously escaping from their stalls, with no reasonable explanation. This was a mystery that baffled every onlooker and no one on the premises could seem to figure out how the horses were getting out or where they were even going once they escaped.
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The good people at Misty Meadows Farm were puzzled enough to begin questioning teenagers in the area, believing that they were letting the horses out as a prank of sorts. After failing to receive any kind of satisfactory answer from the local youth, the owners of Misty Meadows Farm decide to install cameras in an effort to catch the perpetrator and bring them to justice.

While the footage that the farm owners uncovered was quite shocking, it was not surprising in the way that the viewer would expect. There are no neighborhood teens that can be blamed for the horses’ escape and the true explanation is much different.

The contents of the clip have earned Mariska, a beautiful black horse, an interesting nickname among those who know her best. She is now known as the Houdini Horse, thanks to the images captured by the farmers’ cameras. The video footage showed the owners that she was the ringleader of the horses’ nightly escape efforts. This intelligent creature had somehow taught herself how to open her stall each day. However, Mariska was not content to stop there, far from it.

Once she was freed from her stall, she decided that it was time to go around and free all of her friends, too. Not only was she able to escape from her own stall, but she was also able to set the other horses free, so that they could have a group frolic session.

Upon seeing the true cause of the mysterious horse escapes, the owners of the farm must be hard pressed to remain angry. How can you stay mad at a creature with this level of intelligence? It’s as if she was telling all of her buddies to come on and follow her to freedom. A horse like this is too funny to be angry with.

There is no way to watch this clip without breaking down into laughter and Houdini Horse is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who is watching at home. When you want to share this clip, be sure to post it to your social media pages, so that you, your friends and your loved ones can all share the joy that comes with watching a seemingly benign horse outsmart its human masters.

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