Our Dog Was Playing With His Favorite Toy. What Came And Stole It? My Dog Got So Jealous!


It is not easy being a fox. People stare, take pictures then take the children and pets inside. All those fairy tales about foxes trying to trick harmless little critters into an evening snack does not help much. Sometimes a fox just wants to play! Sometimes they want to have a dog’s life!

Lupe and his human family moved to Yukon, Canada. Their new home was in a rural area. Lupe was totally prepared for the occasional visiting moose. He was expecting the bear to find its way into the garbage cans from time to time. He was even expecting the critters that manage to lock themselves in the garage, though he didn’t think they were the smartest of their kind. But Lupe was not expecting to see a fox, and in his own yard!

Lupe was sitting by the window looking at his favorite toy. He was longing for play time when he would be allowed to run freely outside and throw his beloved toy into the air. He loved the way it felt in his mouth and the way it sailed through the air when he tossed it. He could almost taste it.

Suddenly something caught his attention. It was a beautiful fox. He had heard about them. They were supposed to be really smart and sly and crafty. He watched as the fox eased toward his toy. Lupe thought, “I know you are not going to touch my toy!” Suddenly the fox grabbed Lupe’s favorite toy and tossed it. Lupe was both shocked and disappointed. It was not a real good toss. The fox ran to the toy and grabbed it again. He was tossing and jumping and Lupe was not happy.

In his best dog voice, Lupe barked loudly. He barked for his human to do something. He barked for the fox to release the bounty and be gone. He barked over and over, “bark-barkkkk” which means “fox got my toy!”

His human rushed to his aid. Finally, Lupe thought. She will call the military. She will sound the alarm. She will take care of this emergency in short order! To his surprise, his human grabbed a recorder and filmed the incident. She didn’t attack the fox to retrieve his very best toy. She didn’t scream for the neighbors. She didn’t even let him outside so he could deal with that little fox thing all on his own. No, she recorded it. His shame and hers would be played over and over again for friends and family.

Lupe was not sure if the fox would take the toy with him when he left. He was not sure the fox would not return. He was sure though, that his toy would never quite feel the same again.

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