Osiris The Dog Was Resting When A Rat Sneaked Up On Him, Then THIS Happened!


Everyone has seen videos, read articles, or watched television shows that show incredible and extremely odd animal relationships. Lions adopting deer, tigers being nursed by a deer and the likes are definitely strange. You have to see this video to understand just how unusual a relationship has been formed between two animals.

The usually peaceful coexistence between cats and dogs is in itself unusual. Dogs and cats are not natural enemies. Dogs and cats are both extremely territorial and the fact that they can live together is remarkable. Cats and dogs scent mark each other as a possession according to most experts. That is how they get along.
Most cats and dogs do not like rats. They see them as prey. There may be some instinct that tells cats and dogs that a rat can be a disease threat. This pair of short videos proves that all dogs do not dislike rats. Share the unbelievable with your friends.
This video will astound you. If you have never seen a dog tongue kiss a rat then this video is a must see. The kissing is not half of what the two animals do. The bond between the two animals is amazing. You can stun your friends by sharing a video of a rat kissing a dog.
One cannot tell for absolute fact from the video but we are led to believe that the lady that owns the Dutch shepherd named Osiris brought a pet rat home. One would expect the dog to have a bit of a problem with a rat in the house just based on territoriality. The video fools you completely.

The immediacy of the bond between the two animals is astounding. The dog and rat show the behavior of humans that are long lost friends. You simply have to watch and share this video to get the full impact of how close the animals get in a matter of a few minutes and at most an hour. Watch the video and you will think the two animals have fallen in love with each other.

We all try to put a human equivalent on animal behavior. This is just a natural human thing to do. Watch the video and explain to us why the two animals absolutely fall in love with each other.

The size difference between the dog and the rat is hilarious. The dog is at least 50 to 75 times bigger than the rat. One heart warming segment is when the rat nestles in the dog’s paws for a mutual nap.

Share this with people that cannot get along with each other and possibly they will learn.

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