Orphaned Children Had No One To Turn To Until Stray Dogs Took Care Of Them


Loneliness in a world like ours is a situation that cannot be supported by everyone. Not everyone would love to stay or live alone… no, not even a prisoner. You may not really understand what loneliness is all about because you have got a family. But if you want to fully understand this myth, let the orphans describe it for you!


Some of these set of children have lost their family members while some have been abandoned by their very own. To this end, they feel as if the world has turned its back against them. With no one to offer them any assistance, these orphans have had to face life’s challenges all alone and struggle with the huge responsibility of taking care of themselves by themselves.

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With no one to offer them any assistance, these children have devised a means of finding someone they can call a friend and who they can depend on especially when they require some emotional support. Imagine an orphan finding solace in a stray dog.

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This whole thing begins with the story of an orphaned girl who lived in Bangladesh. Her name is Osman. She was so miserable that she would scavenge for sellable plastic through the garbage to make ends meet. Although this little poor girl has no one to call a family, she has got something more valuable. To Osman, this tawny dog is more than a friend to her. However, there are several other orphaned children who have found themselves in the same shoes as Osman.


These orphans have also taken in stray dogs as their trusted companion. To survive in this difficult world, these incomparable friends try to look out for each other while struggling to provide the needed affection to survive.

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Together, these orphans with their dogs have created their own little community and are cohabiting as one big family in the city park. When there are no put-together shacks to sleep in, these orphans feel more comfortable to stay with their dogs.

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While ensuring continuity, friendship and togetherness, these homeless children use their own money to cater for their dogs. Bangladesh is a country that abhors homeless dogs because they are seen as carriers of rabies, as a result, they are often mistreated. But these children have decided to show their canine friends love because they know what it means to be forgotten and rejected.

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