Orangutan Sees Magic Trick … And CANNOT Handle It


Orangutans are much smarter than they are typically given credit for. There are a number of videos circulating the Internet that prove it. Whether it’s a reaction to the area in which they are enclosed, or a reaction to the belly of a pregnant woman, these wise creatures have borne witness to a wide range of events.


The orangutan in this clip just might be the first one ever to see a magic trick take place. The sequences of events was triggered when a normal, everyday zoo goer decided to pull out a Styrofoam cup for the amusement of one orangutan in particular.

He did not seem to be too sure as to why the man would be carrying this sort of cup, but that did not stop him from watching with great interest. The man showed the animal that there was something inside of the cup, which was enough to hold his attention, at least initially.


From there, he shook the cup up, moving it around, before showing it to the orangutan again. He still didn’t know exactly where the man was going with all of this, but he decided to trust him. Once it was revealed that there was nothing in the cup, the orangutan did not know what to do with himself.

After all, there was something in the cup just a few moments prior. How did the man pull off this amazing trick? This orangutan definitely wants to know and he is losing his mind trying to figure out this amazing mystery.


It is pretty easy to see that this man’s clever magic trick has made the animal’s day. He does not get to see tricks that involve sleight of hand all that often and his reaction is absolutely priceless. It would not be the least bit surprising if this orangutan decided to mimic this man and begin performing magic tricks for all of the other orangutans who live here.

Please take a moment to check out the full video of the hilarious interaction between this magician and his new orangutan buddy. Once you have finished watching the clip (and quite possibly holding your sides from laughter), don’t be shy about passing it along to the animal lovers in your life. Your friends, family and social media buddies are all sure to appreciate the show that this man and the orangutan have unwittingly managed to put on.

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