No One Wants This Dog… Because Of The Way He Eats…


For those of us who regularly dine out and eat at other people’s homes, the concept of developing proper table manners begins at a young age. Our parents are the ones who teach us all of the important stuff, including the use of a napkin, knowing which fork needs to be used for which course and how to sit up straight at the dinner table.

But what happens to fur babies who do not have parents in their life to pass down these crucial lessons? While most of us would probably think that a dog’s table manners do not play a major role in them finding a forever home and becoming someone’s pet, the life of Mickey has been an uphill struggle, due to his rare eating disorder.

His story is quite unfortunate. Even though Mickey is a large dog, he struggles to put on weight, because of a rare condition that affects his ability to digest food. When he consumes meals, his stomach does not contract in the manner it is supposed to. This keeps his food and water from being pushed down and causes him to suffer from a lack of nutrients.


In order to derive the proper nutrition from his meals, his caretakers have to spoon feed him. Mickey also needs to sit in a specially designed high chair (also known as a bailey chair), which allows his food and water to be pushed down by gravity. His staff of caretakers loves to spend time with him and thanks to their dedication, Mickey has been able to gain back 15 pounds of the weight that he has lost.


Even though it takes a great deal of time to feed him and the process can be quite messy, that has not stopped the staff at Mickey’s shelter from enjoying spending time with him. But potential owners are typically not in the market for a dog that requires this level of attention and as you might have imagined, he has struggled to find a forever home.


Thankfully, this new feeding regimen has helped Mickey to gain at least fifteen pounds, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be getting a forever home anytime soon. Don’t give up hope, Mickey. Someone will fall in love with that adorable slobbery face in no time. If you think you or anyone you know can help Mickey, contact the Lethbridge and District Humane Society online. Or call 403-320-8991.

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