One SECRET Ingredient Takes Rice Krispy Treats To A Whole New Level!


Imagine your favorite treat from childhood. For many, if not most, the sound and taste of famous Rice Krispie treats fill the mind with melted marshmallow goodness, crunchy outside and a gooey inside baked to utter perfection. Whether you are an adult or a kid, this timeless treat is one that is classic, delicious and famous for pleasing the palates of all ages. But the question remains, can this treat get any better?
Yoyomax21 of the diet-free zone YouTube channels steps up the Rice Krispie treat game, daring to go where no treat master has gone before. Yoyomax21 claims this Pinterest inspired twist will not only tantalize your taste buds, but become an instant crowd pleaser with the way it looks as a final product.

Excited about the prospect of a better Rice Krispie? Us too. Who wouldn’t want to make the best treat ever even better? Keep reading and find out the secret ingredient we are ready to rave about.

First we see the image, all rainbow everything? Just how we like it! The treats are layered with bright colors stacked to perfection outlining the sweet treat as we remember it.

In the video we see the chef of the hour adding JELL-O packets of varying colors and flavors to the original recipe. Step by step the colors are layered onto the pan with the JELL-O packets and added food coloring. Genius we say, absolute genius!

Not only does the final product look well put together but it tastes like a fruity combination of crispy goodness even the elitist classic Rice Krispie eater will not be disappointed with. The unexpected flavor addition from the JELLO will launch your next party to the next level, or simply surprise your kids with this fun, colorful after school treat.

Below is what you need.


6 full cups original Rice Krispies cereal

6 full cups marshmallows – 1 cup each per layer

6 full tablespoons of salted or unsalted butter

6 full tablespoons Jell-O flavors (buy in packets)

Sauce pan

Optional – additional food coloring for brighter colors


First you will need to line a baking dish (8×8 works best) with aluminum foil, then evenly grease the foil with butter, margarine or cooking spray.

Next melt butter or margarine and 1 cup (9 count) marshmallows to a sauce pan and cook over low. Stir until the butter is no longer solid.

Add JELL-O packet and cereal one at a time, stir until evenly coated

Finally, spread the color coated cereal into the bottom of your baking pan (8×8) which has already been greased. Make sure you do this quickly and evenly with a greased spoon, your hands or a buttered spatula.

Repeat this process with each color you have chosen.

Allow enough time for the treat to sit and harden slightly together.

Note: for faster results use two sauce pans instead and add one color into each staggering the cooking.

We hope you enjoy this extra delicious spin on a classic dessert. We certainly enjoyed watching! Try the recipe for yourself and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below.

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