One Of These Dogs Pooped In The Kitchen. Mom Asks Who Did It And… LOL!


It is no secret to animal lovers that our dog friends understand their humans. It is hilariously obvious in this video when mom is asking about an “accident” in the kitchen. The look on these little guys faces is priceless and the larger of the two is not about to take the blame for the little fellow, no matter how cute he is.
Dogs are trained and used by humans in many walks of life. Search dogs are the day-to-day heroes of our world. Using their fine-tuned senses and agility, hundreds of lives are found every year after natural disasters.

Both humans and dogs have the senses of sight, hearing and smell. But the make-up of how the senses are used is much different for a dog than a human. A human will normally correspond with hearing first, then sight and finally smell. A dog, however communicates first by smell, then by seeing and lastly hearing. This difference makes the dog/human relationship effective in search and rescue among other fields of expertise.

It is interesting to note that the brain of a dog is only 1/10th that of a human. But the part of the brain that controls smell is 40 times larger in a dog than a human. The sense of smell for our dog friends is thousands of times more profound than ours. The nose of a dog stays wet because the mucus actually captures scent particles and helps in their sense of smell.

Service dogs are highly trained to assist human masters. But part of that training is actually maximizing the dog’s natural ability of smell. Dogs can often smell sickness on someone. Dogs have alerted people to cancers, rise in blood sugars and impending seizures. They can smell changes in a human before any physical signs are evident, and by “warning their charge, they often save lives.

Dogs also have a sense that humans do not have. They can feel energy. Dogs will draw to a person who is ill, depressed or worried. In recent years, service dogs have been being trained to assist patients with mental illness. There is nothing more comforting than a loyal and loving dog that will stay by your side, night and day until you are feeling better.

However, in this case, the loyalty and protection that a dog feels naturally toward his humans does not seem to be extended to his dog friends! Which is why this little dog, sold out his buddy in short order about the “accident” in the kitchen. His empathy seems to go right out the window when it comes to someone being scolded for pooping on the floor. So, it seems dogs and humans have that “not me” sense too

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