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The Czech manufactured Skoda Fabia is taking your attention by storm. Skoda Auto’s new commercial for the 2015 Skoda Fabia has some must see attention testing effects and so does the car. The one-minute and fifteen second commercial showcases the car sitting on a regular street and if you pay close attention you just might notice that this car is really getting your full attention. This extremely clever commercial claim, that the new Fabia is an attention stealer and the commercial may just prove them right. The truth is you may be so focused on the car you don’t realize what’s happening during the commercial. Spoiler alert! If you have not watched the commercial you may want to watch it now before you read on.

While you are watching your attention is focused on the car but the real action is happen around the car. The building are changing, the van in front of the car turns into a taxi, and the skooter behind the car turns in to a set of bikes. A lady walks past the car, and another one appears holding a pig.

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During the commercial you will notice that there is a series of scene changes if you are paying close attention, but the car really is the scene stealer. Skoda Auto says there are six reasons to go out and buy the new Fabia:

1. Individualization: Car buyers can choose from 125 different color combinations personalize their vehicle. There are 15 body colors and with the use of ColourConcepts the roof, the A-pillars, the side-mirror and the wheels leave endless possibilities for individualism.

2. Roominess: The car will comfortably seat 5 but the back seat also folds down to carry and haul items if needed.

3. Simply Clever: The car features multiple storage locations from cup holders, net pockets, and compartments. There are even little pockets on the side of the front seat small enough to hold a credit card, cell phone, or note pad.

4. Engines: Environmentally friendly as well as wallet protecting the Skoda has reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

5. Connectivity: MirrorLink mirrors a smartphone and allows you to access many features including navigation and online audio services. SmartGate stores important data processes about the car’s system.

6. Safety: The Fabia holds the maximum 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash test in occupant protection for adults, safety assistance systems, pedestrian protection, and child safety.

All six reason prove that this clever commercial really delivers what it promises the Skoda Fabia is so attention stealing that car buyers everywhere will want one. If the personalization and connectivity doesn’t get you the fuel consumption should knock you off your feet. It’s worth a test drive.

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