OMG! What’s Going On At This Dinner Table Is Completely Hysterical, LOL!


Cats and dogs have always been considered to be enemies but in reality maybe they can get along fairly well. In some cases they even become friendly and dine together during holidays. This hilarious video of a cat and 13 dogs feasting together made me change my mind.

I have seen cats and dogs who live in the same home tolerating each other after enduring and persistent effort of the owner to teach them but I never imagined they would bond this well. I laughed half in disbelief as I watched this video and also because the video is simply hilarious.

The animals of the pet food company are all dressed up for the feast in cute festive attires and are asked to behave well. As it happens in many family parties, not long after the dinner party started some dogs started to misbehave. One dog is caught playing on his mobile phone, another started to reapply makeup, and an older dog just drank too much wine.

Of course the pets are eating out of human hands but the video is so convincing you almost forget there is human role at play. You get simply engrossed in the busy activities of the pets. The dogs are seen enjoying, eating and drinking to their heart’s content and even playing music. The cat is the one who seems not very pleased with the activities of his mates.

It is a funny and adorable video to watch for all pet lovers and even if you are not, you will still love it. I fell instantly in love with it and it made me laugh a lot. It is always fun and interesting to watch animals bond, especially when it is a cat and a dog as they are considered enemies, both being predators.

According to researchers, however, it is very much possible for a dog and a cat to get along though there is no real way to ascertain if any given cat and dog will become firm friends. In order to form a bond between the two creatures it is better to bring home a cat first.

The chances of forming a bond are greater if both the cat and dog are young as they can accept each other easily and see each other as allies. When they are below one year old, both creatures are open to learning and are quickly able to pick up on their different body languages and behaviours, and get used to the other.

However regardless of their age, the way in which they are introduced in their first meeting will determine how their relationship will end. Both the cat and dog should have their own separate zone which the other party cannot enter and their first meet should be conducted under careful supervision.

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