Old Dog Tricks Puppy — I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Apparently, older dogs, a boxer in this case, enjoy practical jokes on younger dogs just as much as humans do. Two boxers, one that’s probably three years old and one that is about six months old, are let out of the house to romp in a path that has been cleared of snow. The path is about one foot to one and one-half feet deep in snow. The track is just deep enough that the younger dog cannot see over the snow.

The older dog chases the younger dog around the circular path a couple of times and then hides in a cul-de-sac at one end of the track. The younger dog keeps racing around the track like it is still being chased. The older dog watches carefully and resumes chasing the younger dog when it is running away from the place the older dog is hiding. Again, after a few laps the old dog goes back into hiding to watch the younger dog chase around the path in the snow absolutely oblivious to the fact that the old dog is not chasing.

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Finally, on one lap the young dog notices where the old dog is hiding. The expression on the young dog’s face is a mixture of “So there you are.” and “What is the matter with you”. The older dog resumes chasing the young dog and we are left to presume the old dog will probably hide again to have a joke on its younger companion. The practical joking dog is funny. While most people that own several dogs probably have seen this behavior this is one of the few times it has been recorded on film.

The narration of the chase and the trick by the giggling woman that owns the dogs is just too much. She is making fun of the younger dog in a kind way. When the young dog catches the older dog hiding, the lady laughs and says “There she is.” meaning the older dog and encourages the young dog as the animals begin the chase again.

You really cannot say what the dogs are thinking. The older dog may just be tired or a bit lazy. The younger dog really initiates the chase and maybe the older dog just wants to tell the young dog that she is not interested in running around in the cold. Possibly, the older dog is just playing a joke on the younger dog. There is some scientific evidence that dogs have inherited some human genetic material due to the long association that dogs and people have had with each other. Dogs lick people and swallow the skin cells. Some scientists believe dog behavior has been modified by the gene exchange.

It could be that practical jokes are an inherited or learned behavior in dogs that originated with people. Whatever the reason, the video of the young dog chasing itself around and the bafflement the young dog shows when it cannot find the older dog as well as their owner’s mirth is just funny.

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