Officials Raid Drug Den … And Make The Saddest Discovery


It was a day like any other for these officers of the law. They had received word about an illegal drug den that was operating with impunity and they set a time and location for the raid to begin.

The plans were set in motion, with the objective of capturing a drug dealer who was allegedly peddling their wares in a home that was located in Vientiane, better known to most as the capital of Laos.

However, their best laid plans were soon scuttled. When they arrived at the drug den, the accused dealer was long gone. But to the surprise of the officials on the scene, the home was not completely empty.

The abandoned house contained a special surprise, as the drug den had been converted into a completely different sort of den. It was now home to a moon bear, a male Asiatic black bear, to be fully exact.

The poor bear had been confined to a cage and left to remain inside of the home until the officials discovered its presence. According to the Laos Wildlife Rescue Center, the bear had probably spent the majority of his life living in this cage, which was constructed from concrete and metal.

The local government called in the Laos Wildlife Rescue Center to provide them with the necessary assistance. The bear would need to be relocated and he was massive and potentially dangerous. Once the team arrived on the scene, they provided the bear with a gentle sedative.

After a few short moments, the drugs would soon kick in and offer the bear the most peaceful moments that he has probably ever experienced. As they prepared to transport the animal, the Laos Wildlife Rescue Center continued to monitor his condition.

He was placed inside of a traveling crate and it took the efforts of several workers to remove the bear from the drug den.

Once he had been loaded into the truck, the bear finally began to stir, sticking his noise out of the crate. The bear was then taken to a rehabilitation sanctuary 35 miles north of the capital city.

He was dubbed Teddy and it is unclear what the future holds for this majestic creature. While he may be able to return to the wild, he may also remain at the Laos Wildlife Rescue Center.

According to the according to a Facebook post from Laos Wildlife Rescue Center (LWRC), the raid occurred in Vientiane, Laos.We are glad to see that Teddy has escaped his awful lifestyle. Hopefully, he can create a more suitable den for himself in the future.

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