Everyone’s Seen Those Strange Pictures Of What Appear To Be Deformed Dogs


Everyone’s seen those strange pictures of what appear to be deformed dogs, many have tried to say they have simply been photo-shopped or that the dog has been abused being kept in a crate or box too small to allow their bodies to grow naturally. But in a lot of those instances neither reason is the case.

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For animal control officer the reason behind this ‘deformity’ became clear after showing up for a complaint with a neighbor who was tired of their neighbor’s dogs being loose. While the Animal Control officer waited for the owners of the loose dogs to come home, the couple who had filed the complaint explained to her they had just recently acquired a pit bull pup they could not keep.

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When they asked her if she wanted to see the pup, they brought Cuda outside. The couple had given her the name Cuda because they said her under-bite made them think of a barracuda. She was on a leash made of twine and she was not what the officer expected to see.

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The officer was speechless because Cuda was obviously not like any other dog she had ever seen before. Her little body was squished and she had a huge jaw because of her under-bite. Of course the couple didn’t even acknowledge the pup’s strange looks. Wondering if she should take Cuda her first thoughts were of whether or not this little girl would live, what was wrong with her and what kind of veterinarian care would she need?

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The officer decided her fierce desire to protect this strange looking dog overrode her worries. Unwilling to take Cuda back to the shelter for fear the vet on staff would assume she was unhealthy and decide to euthanizer, she made the decision to take her home. Of course she first had to convince her husband that even though they already had four other dogs, there was a real need to take this weird-looking pit puppy home.

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Cuda was first thought to have a neurological disorder, however the vet determined she was, other than having this deformity was healthy and not on any pain. Even the vet was not sure what had caused Cuda’s strange deformity. Cuda adjusted well to her new home and immediately took to being friends with her four new doggy friends as well as the family’s cat.

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A couple months later as this officer and her husband were watching the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” on television, a dog named Abby, was characterized as an inbred dog because of her curved spine. She and her husband decided Cuda could top that so they put her into the 2011 contest. They were wanting to see the reaction of others, plus they felt because she was so cute she really had a chance at winning.

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When they first acquired Cuda they thought she was one of a kind, but after starting a Facebook page for Cuda they soon discovered she was not alone in her squishy spine deformity. Read how this family discovered not only the reasons behind this type of deformity, but just how common it actually is. Learn about how amazing these dogs are and what amazing pets and family members they are.

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