Niece Gets Uncle Arrested For Mercilessly Abusing Their Dog


Dog abuse is a serious matter and there are many people out there who have zero tolerance for anyone who brings harm unto an innocent creature. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these cases go unsolved, because they happen in places where there are zero eyewitnesses who can attest to the atrocities that have taken place.

When these instances of abuse happen in public, there is no shortage of people who are ready to bring these heinous people to justice. Javier Naranjo was forced to learn this lesson the hard way. He decided to take out his frustrations on hid dog and even tried to kill the poor animal. His own niece, 19 year old Margarita Gutierrez, decided to intervene on the dog’s behalf, placing a call to the authorities.

She hoped that her actions would save the dog’s life. Javier discovered that the dog has attacked his chickens and he lost his cool immediately. After noticing that some of the chickens had died, he beat the dog and slashed her neck, using the wire that was tied around it.


Hellbent on revenge, Javier then stuffed the dog into a bag and threw her over a bridge, expecting her to die in the waiting waters below. Margarita went after the dog, rescued her from the water and was able to save her life. CPR was performed on the dog and she was successfully revived.

After being arrested and charged for this despicable act, Javier was released from custody, since this was just his first offense. The punishment certainly does not seem to fit the crime and it is highly doubtful that this is the first time Javier abused an innocent animal for running afoul of his rules.


But until legislation changes, there is very little that can be done for dogs like the one in this story. However, this storm cloud does have a silver lining. The dog was taken away from Javier and placed in a more loving home. The innocent pup no longer has to live in fear of being beaten and killed by their caretaker.

People are finding it much too easy to beat their dogs. Justice is blind when it comes to these matters, which is why stories like these need to be shared. By spreading awareness about these matters, you are doing your part to ensure that these abusive owners are no longer allowed to walk free. This is not justice and changes must be made!


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