A Newborn Goat Tries To Walk, But You Won’t Believe The Cuteness That Comes Out Instead!


Whether you have a child of your own or you are responsible for taking care of baby animals, there are few things that can match the pure level of enjoyment that comes with watching them take their very first steps. While these steps may be a bit wobbly or uncertain, they serve as a powerful metaphor, a reminder that our little ones will one day grow up and leave the nest.

This newborn goat could not wait to start walking around and was just one day when he made his initial attempt. Some might say that this is too soon, but this little goat cannot wait to hit the ground running. His enthusiasm is commendable and we definitely enjoyed watching him try his absolute best to mover around on his own.

We wish that we could match his level of effort, as it becomes clear early in the video that he will not be able to walk by using the typical methods. Unlike most animals in his predicament, he does not let that stop him, even for a moment. The baby goat decides to improvise instead and the results of this impromptu improvisation are simply too cute to put into words.

Every time he manages to take a few steps, he almost seems confused as to how it happened. Even though he can’t put together more than one or two steps at a time, he is still bound and determined to get from Point A to Point B. If only we all shared his level of determination, imagine what we could accomplish.

This baby goat knows the right way to live already and we could stand to learn a lot from this little fellow. When he can’t make it to his destination by emulating the older goats in his crew and walking, he decides to jump and hop his way to the destination instead. The next time you are having a bad day and wondering why the universe is against you, take a look at this baby goat’s fierce pride and determination for additional inspiration.
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