Nation Kills Whales, So These Hackers Shut Down Its Websites


There are precious few people out there who are willing to help whales in their fight to stay alive, but thanks to the hacker group Anonymous, they just received an unlikely new ally in their ongoing battle.

When a recent cyber-attack took place in Iceland, shutting down several government websites, no one knew what to make of it. However, the notorious Anonymous hacking group would soon take credit. The attack was motivated by their outrage at how the nation treats their protected marine mammals.

The official webpages for Iceland’s prime minister, their interior ministries and environmental ministries were all forced offline. They were no longer accessible on Friday and remained offline until the middle of the day on Saturday.

Anonymous then posted a video, claiming responsibility for the attacks and promising to further disrupt the nation. Their quibble is with Iceland’s cruel practices in the whaling industry. They also called for citizens to boycott any of the goods that are produced there.

They promised to speak out on behalf of these whales, since they are not able to speak for themselves. Anonymous does not wish to see these whales become extinct due to unspeakable cruelty. Their attack served as a notice to Iceland that their behavior will not continue to be tolerated.


An international moratorium has been placed on commercial whaling and several international leaders have also admonished the practice. Even with the increased scrutiny, this has not changed Iceland’s viewpoint on the subject.

Iceland is not the only country to continue their unsafe whaling practices. Japan and Norway have also failed the heed the warning of international leaders and still use the same cruel whale hunting methods.

Within the past year, Iceland set a quota for the obtainment of whale met. 300 whales were killed as a result and much of the meat was sent overseas to Japan.

While Anonymous has received a bad rap in the media for their online attacks, they deserve credit for standing up for what they believe in. Most citizens are blissfully unaware of these practices and the ensuing publicity after Iceland’s online shutdown sheds the necessary light on this deplorable behavior.

Take a moment to share this story with your friends and family, so that the plight of these whales is no longer able to remain a secret. The word needs to be spread about these practices, so that they can be stopped before it is too late.

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